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Secure. Composable. Encrypted.
The RAILGUN smart contracts are backend privacy infrastructure that can be integrated into any wallet. There is no single official wallet and there are many independent RAILGUN powered wallets and frontends to choose from.
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Anyone can build a wallet that integrates the RAILGUN Privacy System smart contracts. All wallet options are decentralized and independently operated.

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Picking a Wallet

Frontend and wallet options are plentiful in the RAILGUN ecosystem, from mobile to desktop users can tailor their experience. Even more choices are deployed regularly.

Choose a Frontend
Railway Wallet

Railway Wallet

RAILGUN integrated wallet available on web, desktop, iOS, and Android. Features include an easy to use UI and mobile versions as well as a full suite of private DeFi apps including swaps and yield.

Terminal Wallet

Terminal Wallet

An open-source command line interface (CLI) wallet with primarily keyboard-based controls. Available on Linux, Windows, and macOS with RAILGUN powered privacy features like shielding, private swaps, and private transfers.

Token Shielder


Frontend for shielding assets from any Ethereum/EVM wallet. Simply connect your browser wallet like MetaMask, enter in any 0zk address and shield away. Useful for receiving payments directly to your RAILGUN private balance from the wide world of Ethereum/EVM.

Token Shielder

Build Your Own Using Wallet SDK

The RAILGUN smart contracts can be integrated into any new or existing Ethereum/EVM wallet quickly and easily with the RAILGUN Wallet SDK. An integration featuring 0zk addresses, shielding, and private DeFi requires minimal development overhead.

Private smart contract integrations

Learn how to integrate privacy in your project with RAILGUN Connect.